The resources below cite the extended Cochran’s C test (“G test”).  No responsibility is assumed for the correct description and implementation by the originators.

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1. Wikipedia, “Cochran’s C test
    Reproduces Eq. 28 on critical values CUL for Cochran’s C test (one-sided upper limit test, balanced           design). Refers to the generalization of the C test to unbalanced designs, one-sided lower limit tests          and two-sided tests.

2. Books

2.1  David J. Gibson, Methods in Comparative Plant Population Ecology”, 2nd Edition, Oxford University           Press, Oxford, UK, 16 Oct 2014, p. 180, ISBN 978-0-19-967147-2. 
       Refers to the extended tables with critical CUL values.
2.2  Alfred Bartolucci, Karan Singh and Sejong Bae, “Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Laboratory               Data”, John Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey, January 2016, pp. 107-110, ISBN: 978-1-118-73686-9.
       Ample discussion of G test.
2.3  Brani Vidacovic, Engineering Biostatistics: An IntroductionUsing MATLAB and WinBUGS”, John               Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey, December 2017, p. 511, ISBN 978-1-11-916896-6.
      "More precise generalization of Cochran's C test."

3. Software

3.1  Microsoft Excel statistical add-in by XLSTAT
       Tutorial on  “Cochran C test for outlying variances”, 5 Feb 2016.
3.2  FORTRAN routine from NIST
       Alan Heckert, “Cochran Variance Outlier Test”, NIST National Institute of Standards and                              Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 5 May 2015.

3.3  MATLAB Routines from Autonomous University of Baja California
      3.3.1  Trujillo-Ortiz, R. Hernandez-Walls, B. Martin-Atienza and J.J. Gonzalez-Rejon, “GTLAMCDF:                      Probability values - 't Lam's G cumulative distribution function”, version 1.2, 18 Mar 2014.
      3.3.2  Trujillo-Ortiz, R. Hernandez-Walls, B. Martin-Atienza, J.J. Gonzalez-Rejon and M.E.                                    Betancourt-Aguirre, “GTLAMINV: Critical values - Inverse of 't Lam's G one- and two-sided                         cumulative distribution function”, version 1.2, 20 Mar 2014.
      3.3.3  Trujillo-Ortiz, R. Hernandez-Walls, B. Martin-Atienza, R.U.E. 't Lam,  E. Comas, J.J. Gonzalez-                    Rejon and M.E. Betancourt-Aguirre, “GTLAMTEST:'t Lam's G test on summary data”,                                  version 1.0, 22 Aug 2015.

3.4  R Language Routines from University of Leuven: CUL is calculated according to Eq. 28.
       Antoine Stevens, Package Prospectr, “Cochran C Test”, 20 Feb 2015.
4.  Other publications

4.1  Tomislav Cigula, Quality Analysis of the Nonprinting Areas on Printing Plates, Doctoral Thesis,                    Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, 2011, pp. 119, 121, 146 (in Croatian).
4.2  Aude Zimmermann, Harmonized eCall European Pilot, D4.3 Intermediate test results, version 1.3,              European Commission, Brussels, 15 May 2014, pp. 27, 180 and 205.    
4.3  Diana M. P. Galassi, Paola Lombardo, Barbara Fiasca, Alessia Di Cioccio, Tiziana Di                                   Lorenzo, Marco Petitta and Piero Di Carlo, Earthquakes trigger the loss of groundwater                             biodiversity, Scientific Reports 4, Article number: 6273 (2014), 3 Sep 2014,                                             Section Statistical Analysis, doi:10.1038/srep06273.
4.4  P.R. Ravi, S. Joseph, U.S.R. Avula and S. Anthireddy, A Simple Liquid Chromatographic Method               for the Determination of Tenofovir in Rat Plasma and its Application to Pharmacokinetic Studies,                 Acta Chromatographica 27(4), 2015, pp. 597-612.
4.5  Julián Rodríguez López and Jesús de la Caridad Mesa Oramas, Manual de Estadística Ensayos de           Aptitud, Laboratorio de Química Computacional y Teórica, Universidad de la Habana, 18 Feb 2015,           pp. 37-38 and 70 (in Spanish).
4.6  J. Muralha and L. Lamas, Variance of intact rock strength determined by triaxial tests13th ISRM                International Congress of Rock Mechanics, 10-13 May 2015, Montreal, Canada, ISRM-                              13CONGRESS-2015-324, ISBN 978-1-926872-25-4.
4.7   F. Braga and M. Panteghini, Generation of data on within-subject biological variation in laboratory               medicine: An updateCritical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 53(3), 14 Mar                                    2016, pp. 1-13, doi:10.3109/10408363.2016.1150252.
4.8  Yan Wang, Patricia Rodríguez de Gil, Yi-Hsin Chen, Jeffrey D. Kromrey, Eun Sook Kim,                             Thanh Pham, Diep Nguyen and Jeanine L. Romano; Comparing the Performance of Approaches                for Testing the Homogeneity of Variance Assumption in One-Factor ANOVA Models,                                    Educational and Psychological Measurement 27 Apr 2016, doi:10.1177/0013164416645162.
4.9   Minal T. Harde, Sagar B. Wankhede and Praveen D. Chaudhari, A validated inherent                                  stability indicating HPTLC method for estimation of cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride intablets                        and use of MS–QTOF in characterization of its alkaline stressdegradation product, Bulletin of                     Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 20 May 2016, doi:10.1016/j.bfopcu.2016.04.002.
4.10  Andreia Sofia Braz de Matos, Application of Control Charts in Arsene Analysis: Internal Quality                  Control of Blank Samples, Master Thesis, Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of                Lisbon, 29 November 2016, p.30 (in Portuguese).
4.11 Giuseppe Maria D'Aucelli, Nicola Giaquinto, Sabino Mannatrizio and Mario Savino, A fully                          customizable MATLAB Framework for MSA based on ISO 5725 Standard, Measurement                            Science and  Technology 28(4), 15 February 2017, 044007. doi: 10.1088/1361-6501/aa542f.
4.12 T.Y. Hui and Gray A. Williams, “Experience matters: context-dependent decisions explain spatial                 foraging patterns in the deposit-feeding crab Scopimera intermedia”, Proc. R. Soc. B: Biological                 Sciences 284 (1861): 2017442, 30 August 2017.
4.13  Shi Chunqi, Rivers and lakes of a singular value - the classic statistical view,                                       , 1 November 2017 (in simplified Chinese).
4.14  Isaac Li, Yi-Hsin Chen, Yan Wang, Patricia Rodríguez de Gil, Thanh Pham, Diep Nguyen, Eun Sook           Kim, and Jeffrey D. Kromrey, JMASM47: ANOVA_HOV: A SAS Macro for Testing  Homogeneity of             Variance in One-FactorANOVA Models (SAS), Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods,                     16(2), December 2017, pp. 506-539. doi: 10.22237/jmasm/1509496080.

5.  US Air Force: Luen Compton, 27 Apr 2015.

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